Izzy Cubito’s impressionist landscape paintings on display & for sale at The Bakery in New Paltz through August 29th

Opening reception: Saturday July 8th, 2017, 3:00 to 5:00 pm

Izzy Cubito uses the landscape, earth and water, to communicate a connection to his roots. The exhibit at the "The Bakery Gallery" is called "The Sandbox", Deja vu. Izzy's journey began making castles out of sand in the parks under the covering of tall trees that kept the sand cool during the hot spells of summer. His grandfather taught him how to till and cultivate a garden of vegetables at the age of 10. At 19 years of age he began training as a stone cutter - blue and field stone, granite. The earth and what comes from it are ingrained in the paintings he creates - expressive, colorful impressionistic landscapes. Patrons and art lovers are asked to sit back, loosen up, and use their imaginations to approach his art with an open mind. Prepare to experience "Observational Expressionism" and enjoy these luscious acrylics on canvas. Stop by the Bakery, sip some coffee and relax...

On view and for sale until August 29th at The Bakery on North Front Street in New Paltz, in the upstairs seating area for friends and family to enjoy delicious baked treats and hearty sandwiches, home brewed iced teas, coffee, lattes and cappuccinos. For more information call (845) 255-8840 or www.ilovethebakery.com.